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If you can visualize it, Crack-Ajax can code it.

So you started a business, or have a great business idea, but you need a website in order to reach your customers. Or, maybe you already have a website for your business, but it is not mobile friendly, looks out-of-date, you have little or no control over customization or you are having a tough time keeping it updated. These are the more common problems clients at Crack-Ajax face with their most important online asset. Crack-Ajax can help you with any stage of your website from a brand new site to solving any issue you may have on your current site.

WordPress is a Popular Platform for a Successful Website

Most Crack-Ajax clients implement the WordPress content management system (CMS) to build their website. WordPress is a popular CMS and blogging platform that makes it easy for content managers to manage their site’s content. As of 2016 there are almost 75 million websites based on WordPress, including nearly 20% of all self-hosted sites.
Crack-Ajax recommends the WordPress platform for creating your site because it is inexpensive to setup, makes it simple to manage and organize content through it’s easy-to-use dashboard and it has a huge selection of plugins available to give you the functionality you need. However, if you already have your site on a different platform or are opposed to WordPress for some reason, Crack-Ajax can still help you solve any issue you face. Crack-Ajax can provide you with a quality website or web-based application for your site that meets your needs.

Value Added Web Based Applications

Crack-Ajax can create full featured web applications that can add value for your customers by making their interaction with your organization easier and more convenient. You might also need an application to help organize your internal needs, and Crack-Ajax can provide a solution to meet your objectives for that too. From simple apps to gather important customer data, to apps that can actually accomplish that cool idea you have in your head, Crack-Ajax can help you make it a reality.

Custom WordPress Theme Development

  • Child Theme Development

    This service is for those that have already selected an existing WordPress theme, but they want to customize the theme to fit their specific needs. By creating a child theme, the changes will not be lost if and when the parent theme (existing theme) is updated.

    WordPress Child Themes Offer:

    • Lower cost option than a full custom theme
    • Customization of an existing theme
    • Quick design/development turnaround
    • No risk of losing custom settings on updates
    • Extension of the functionality in the parent theme
    • A custom styled theme that extends your brand


    $120/hr non-profits

    Developing a child theme can definitely save you money and get you a site that not only meets your specific needs, but can be styled so it extends your company's branding. Having a child theme created also saves you from losing your customization when the parent theme updates.

  • Custom Theme Development

    If you want a website that is different than existing sites, is easy to manage your site content and is relatively inexpensive compared to a full custom solution, then you should consider a custom WordPress theme.

    Custom Theme Advantage:

    • Totally unique, one-of-a-kind design
    • Developed with your specific needs in mind
    • Only pay for features you will actually use
    • Easy content management via the dashboard
    • Always responsive for mobile devices
    • SEO optimized for improved search results


    $120/hr non-profits

    Crack-Ajax will custom build a site with your needs as the focus. Don't need a blog? Then your custom site will not have a blog. Don't want to look like a WordPress site? Crack-Ajax will design a site that is not only custom, but very unique to reflect the brand you have built.

Web Based Application Development

  • JavaScript Application Development

    JavaScript applications can improve the user experience on your website. With JavaScript you can validate form data in real time, customize the information you reveal to your visitors and even give each user a custom experience. If you have an idea you know will improve the user experience on your site let Crack-Ajax make it a reality.

    Crack-Ajax App Advantage:

    • Fast, full featured applications to enhance your site
    • Real time, form validation to ensure data integrity
    • Customized to meet or exceed your expectations
    • Ajax with JavaScript and PHP to improve user experience
    • The absence of large library code that you don't use
    • Custom experience for your site visitors


    $120/hr non-profit

    You have that stellar idea to make your site the best in your industry. Crack-Ajax has the knowledge and experience to make that idea into a reality. Call Crack-Ajax to get started on building that perfect application that will not only wow your customers but will give you an edge with your competitors.

  • PHP Application Development

    You already have a website you like, but you want to add a database driven application to offer a value added service to your customers? Then perhaps a PHP application is the choice for you. PHP is a powerful server-side programming language with a high level of functionality including the ability to access a database to store and manipulate your valuable customer data.

    Crack-Ajax App Advantage:

    • Fully customized PHP code to meet your objective
    • Database driven application to store and access customer data
    • Unique applications can add value to your services
    • Can include custom content management solutions
    • Ajax with PHP and JavaScript to improve user experience
    • App design that matches or enhances your site branding


    $120/hr non-profits

    If you can visualize it, Crack-Ajax can code it. So let's get started on creating an application that will wow your website visitors and help make their interaction with your company more positive and convenient. Custom applications can help you achieve competitive advantage with your rivals and improve the user experience for your customers. Crack-Ajax can help you get there.