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Interact with JavaScript

JavaScript Project Screenshot

Screenshot of the interactive JavaScript Project we will create during class

JavaScript is a web technology you can use to improve your user’s experience and is easy to learn. Yes, even YOU can learn to harness the power of JavaScript to meet your website objectives. JavaScript is a must-have tool for any Front-End Developer because it allows you to interact in real-time with your users, validate input from your users, update or retrieve data from the back-end asynchronously, manipulate any HTML or CSS settings without additional page loads and to give you access to the powerful new HTML5 objects such as; geopositioning, media plugins (audio/video), drag-n-drop, local storage, server-side events, canvas and more. JavaScript is flexible and easily included with any HTML document.

In Interact with JavaScript you will learn the basic constructs of the language as well as common uses of those constructs to make your web page react and interact with your users. You will be able to extrapolate the constructs and syntax to other popular C-based languages such as PHP to continue your journey in becoming a Web Developer. After we learn the basic concepts we will use our new found skills to write a useful interactive application you can use in any of your projects.

Course Description and Prerequisites

Now that you have a handle on HTML5/CSS3, it’s time to take your website development skills to the next level. Don’t be intimidated. You will learn the basics of coding in layman’s terms without being inundated by techno-speak. With JavaScript you can breathe life into your site by making it more dynamic and interactive, and by adding extra functionality to gather important visitor data. Learn the basic constructs of JavaScript programming to enhance your navigation menus, create powerful smart forms and manipulate user input to give them instant feedback and a custom experience. Take the mystery out of developing creative and interactive websites, and gain complete control of your site’s intended purpose! Prerequisite: It All Starts with HTML5/CSS3 or Basic understanding of HTML5/CSS3

What Former Students Have Said

Good class. Covered more topics than maybe the class was designed for.

David R. - August, 2015

Great way to learn a new programming language / web development!

Brennan L. - August, 2015

Loads of info in a short amount of time. Highly recommended.

Christopher S. - November, 2014

Great class. I just need some time to absorb JavaScript. Thanks!

Hilarie S. - November, 2014