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Crack-Ajax Web Technologies exists to help small businesses create their website and learn how to manage it to gain a competitive edge over their rivals.

–Donnie Seigler, Owner @ Crack-Ajax Web Technologies
Office of Crack-Ajax Web Technologies
Crack-Ajax Web Technologies Office and Training Center

Whether Crack-Ajax develops the website, creates value added applications or teaches business owners and their employees how to code themselves or manage their website content, the goal is to do it quickly, efficiently and at the lowest cost possible. Crack-Ajax diligently works to keep your costs down and delivers only the functionality you need to meet the objectives of your website property.

Crack-Ajax Web Technologies Origins

Founded by Donnie Seigler in November,  2015, Crack-Ajax began to help small businesses with developing a website to compliment and grow their new or existing business. Donnie had been helping businesses large and small as a freelancer since 2007 developing professional and modern websites when he identified the need for a service that focused on small and new businesses. Small businesses have limited budgets and likely do not have the technical knowledge to develop their site in house. Recognizing the inability of most new or small companies to publish a website,  a necessity to compete in modern times, Donnie saw an opportunity where he could help deliver fully functioning websites with a customized modern design and easy to use content management system at a lower cost than existing development houses, he decided to jump into the fray full force.

Still, there are companies that can’t easily afford the $5,000 average small custom website. Donnie wanted Crack-Ajax to be able to help with those companies as well. Having taught web development technologies for five years he opted to also offer seminar style training sessions to teach new business people how to develop their own sites. With the Front-End Development and WordPress series of classes, small business owners can learn how to build and manage their own website.

Comprehensive WordPress Services for Small Businesses

Donnie Seigler, Owner of Crack-Ajax Web Technologies
Donnie Seigler, Owner of Crack-Ajax Web Technologies

Crack-Ajax can develop a custom WordPress website for you or optimize or enhance the website you already have.  Web based applications are part of the mix as well if you need solutions to make your site more user friendly. No matter what website issue you are facing, Crack-Ajax is here to help you solve it and improve the results of your site.

In addition to web design and development, Crack-Ajax will maintain and monitor your web presence and help guard against hackers and other potential disasters so you can be confident your website will always be available to your customers. Crack-Ajax also offers a variety of seminar style courses to give you the knowledge of coding and managing your website yourself. Take control of your website and never look back with our introductory coding class where we cover the basics HTML5 and CSS3.  Go even further with our WordPress classes where you will learn to manage your content like a pro and put your Front-end development skills to work learning how to create your own custom WordPress theme.