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MailChimp Integration with WordPress Gated PDF Download Form
Crack-Ajax integrated MailChimp with WordPress via a gated PDF download to generate leads for Holland Health Coaching.

Being a small to medium size business owner or entrepreneur forces you to wear many hats. But, sometimes you need expertise in areas that aren’t your primary business focus. Web technology is likely one of those subject areas. Crack-Ajax is here to bolster your knowledge in the web technology arena with our WordPress consulting and digital marketing services.

WordPress is a complex system with many moving parts. You may be very good at managing your content and keeping your website up-to-date with the goings on at your business. But, there are times you have no idea how to proceed with adding new sections or functionality to solve a specific problem. When faced with WordPress problems you are unsure of how to tackle, Crack-Ajax is here to provide you with expert advice. We’ll guide you on the steps you need to take to achieve your end goal.

In addition, you might need guidance with your WordPress digital marketing activities. We will help you integrate your email marketing system, or work to grow your Social Media followers. We’ll take care of all your technical needs and share with you opportunities we have learned to help grow your website traffic and conversions.

WordPress Consulting

WordPress consultations are available for any question from strategy to implementation or beyond.

Email Marketing

We’ll help you develop a strategy, a campaign and create custom email templates aimed at your success.

Social Media Marketing

Increase your social following and promote the important aspects of your business to increase your conversions.

Sound Technical Consulting for Your WordPress Website

Schedule an hour or two with us and we will give you a roadmap to success on solving your problem. Often times, the consulting sessions will lead to project work. You’re free to choose other vendors to perform any work we advise you to do, but you are never obligated to hire us for your project. However, if you decide to have Crack-Ajax perform the work, we will credit your consulting session charge towards your project.

Theme, UX/UI and Plugin Consulting Puzzle Pieces

WordPress THEME & PLUGIN Consulting

You’ve got questions regarding your WordPress website and Crack-Ajax has answers. We’ll assist you with anything relating to WordPress whether a user experience, theme design, content management or plugin question. You can count on our expertise to get you through any issue you’re facing. If we fail to find a readily available solution, then we’ll develop one to solve your problem.

eCommerce Shop, Checkout Consulting Puzzle Pieces


Setting up an online store can prove to be daunting, especially if you have unique requirements. Tell us your objectives and we’ll provide the direction and recommendations for success. Crack-Ajax has many clients whose eCommerce solutions are expanding their businesses while offering their customers a satisfying experience. So, seek our advice and delight your customers with a positive online shopping experience.

Forms, Data, Marketing Consulting Puzzle Pieces


To grow your business in today’s climate, you need data, and your website is a great tool to collect it. Use it to improve your product or service, increase your market knowledge, or grow your list of prospects. Crack-Ajax will help you implement web forms to extract the data you need. Furthermore, using Gravity Forms, we’ll ensure the process is unobtrusive and pain-free for your users.

Digital Marketing Email Services

Email remains a stalwart marketing method because it gets results, with a potential ROI of 4400%! Your WordPress website has the capability to generate quality leads in which to build a marketing list. Due to the popularity of WordPress almost all of the email marketing platforms have plugins to help you build your lists.

We have worked with most of the leading platforms including Eloqua, Marketo, Constant Contact, MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. But, if we have not worked with your platform, we are confident we can help you succeed given our plethora of experience customizing email platform integrations with WordPress.

Furthermore, we can advise you on generating leads, building your email campaigns and coding your email templates. We cut our teeth on digital marketing even before we fell in love with WordPress. Let us help you build or strengthen your email marketing efforts and as a result, your business will have a new channel of steady customers.

WordPress Digital Marketing Email Integration Puzzle Pieces

WordPress Digital Email Marketing Integration

Many email marketing platforms are available with most offering generic WordPress integrations. But, there are times when you need more sophistication when generating your leads. Crack-Ajax will write custom code to send your leads to your platform of choice. From gated downloads to segmented criteria, we will ensure the integrity of your lists based on your rules.

WordPress Digital Marketing Lead Generation Puzzle Pieces

WordPress Digital Marketing Lead Generation

Your WordPress website is a great place to build a list of qualified leads for the reason they are already interested in your product or service. You simply need a method of obtaining their emails so you can continue to market to them after they leave. Crack-Ajax will help you devise a system to do just that. With a strategically placed signup form, or maybe a gated download, we will help you generate more leads.

WordPress Digital Marketing Email Campaign Puzzle Pieces


Now that your site is generating leads, you need to start marketing to them with a strategic email campaign. Crack-Ajax will design and configure an email campaign that meets your objectives. We’ll also build a landing page to funnel the email recipients to important pages to increase the likelihood of converting them into customers. Whether you need a simple program to welcome a new user, or a sophisticated, long-term campaign to court your users, we have the experience and skills to get you results.

WordPress Digital Marketing Lead Generation Puzzle Pieces

WordPress Digital Marketing Email Templates

While the generic templates offered in the platforms will suffice for some, others need customized templates. For clients that require emails to match their company branding, our developers are ready to oblige. We’ll provide pixel-perfect templates to preserve your branding in most email clients.

Social Media and Reputation Management

Social Media is important because it’s where real people are hanging out everyday, including your customers. Most importantly, social media has the potential to grow your customer base and increase your sales. Members use their social media platforms to search for new products and services everyday, so don’t lose out. You should be interacting with prospects on your social accounts to draw them to your website and convert them into new customers.

Likewise, social media is a tool that gives you some control in managing your virtual reputation. Because social platforms offer messaging, commenting, and ratings systems, the general public and your customers can freely interact with your company. These features allow you to respond positively to reported problems or express gratefulness when praised. As a result, social media provides a forum for you to demonstrate your quality customer service.

But, maintaining your social accounts and responding to public interactions is time consuming and requires a specific skill set. Crack-Ajax will help grow your business on social networks all while maintaining your stellar reputation. Our social media gurus are customer service oriented and know how to grow your social following.

Social Media WordPress Integration Puzzle Pieces

WordPress Digital Marketing Social Integration

Numerous methods of integrating your social media channels with WordPress await you. Add follow buttons so your users stay informed. Include share buttons so they tell their friends. You can even add live feeds directly to your site, or automatically post your latest blog to your social media. Crack-Ajax will help you navigate all the possibilities.

Social Media Content Posting Puzzle Pieces

WordPress Digital Marketing Social Media Posting

Maintaining social media pages requires a great deal of time and attention. Our social media experts will take on the burden and keep your feeds current with relevant posts. They will keep your audience informed and entertained while building their interest in your product or service.

Social Marketing Reputation Management Puzzle Pieces

WordPress Digital Marketing Reputation Management

While it is likely you’ll receive a bad review from time to time, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Research has shown that a perfect rating sews doubt and skepticism. So, a bad review is an opportunity to show your authenticity and willingness to help your patrons. Our gurus will improve your reputation by managing your online ratings, wherever they are posted. Consequently, your time will be freed up to focus on the core aspects of your business.

Crack-Ajax offers WordPress services for everything you need to build, manage and market your WordPress website. From design and development to hosting and maintenance we have you covered.