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Crack-Ajax provides a full range of content creation services to develop and curate all the elements you need for a successful WordPress website

Are you finding your content lackluster or feel that your key points are not breaking through? Know vaguely what you want to say, just not sure how to say it? Let our content creation, image curation, and video production teams give you the satisfaction of knowing that your website tells a compelling story. Your message will be clear and concise using relevant keywords to help you rank with the search engines. All of your content is written with SEO Optimization front and center so your customers can find you.

Our expert copywriters and curators will tap into your vision to create a concise message that’ll lead your users to take action. Why is this important? Exceptional content will increase interactions and conversions on your website while boosting your search engine ranking. In other words, great content leads to higher visibility, an increase in sales, and improved user satisfaction.

Crack-Ajax also offers image curation and video production services to cover all of your content needs. Text only websites are boring and will make your visitors look for the exit. Adding fitting images or videos will help break up the monotony while enhancing your main message. As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words!

Content Creation

Our content team offers content writing services backed by strong research.

Image Curation

Whether you need stock images sourced or original art, our team has you covered.

SEO Optimizing

All of our content services are SEO optimized, but we will also optimize your existing copy.

The Written Word on Content Creation

There are many opportunities for creating or improving your website content. From the home page and standard pages to blog posts and product descriptions, there are chances to further your website goals. Maybe you already have content, but your bounce rate is high. Or, you have excellent products to sell that solve common problems, but nobody is coming. You’ve surely heard that content is king, but in your experience holding court seems out of reach.

If that sounds familiar, then give our content development team the chance to right the wrongs. We will work our magic on your content to make it more interesting, more compelling and more likely to demand an audience.

Original or Enhanced Content for Pages Puzzle Pieces

Content Creation: Static Pages

Your home page and other static pages, such as the about page, are your website’s meat and potatoes. These are the pages that tell your story and describe your product or service offerings. Crack-Ajax will help you write original content or enhance your existing content to stand out. We’ll ensure your message is clear and that it guides the user through the conversion process. Likewise, each page will be optimized for relevant keywords to guarantee they rank in the search engines.

Relevant and Researched Keyword Blog Posts Puzzle Pieces

Content Creation: Blog Posts

Blogs provide the opportunity to share industry information, attract new visitors and create content optimized for additional keywords. However, it is difficult to find the time or energy to maintain a blog for the long term. The team at Crack-Ajax will research your industry and write SEO optimized articles to strengthen your credibility and herald your expertise while creating new opportunities to draw in prospects through unique keyword searches. Whether you desire a weekly or monthly posting, your blog will be driving traffic to your site in no time at all.

Engaging, Unique Product Description Content Puzzle Pieces

Content Creation: Product Pages

Many website owners tend to neglect writing engaging product descriptions when setting up online shops. Even worse, they copy and paste from the manufacturer descriptions. If you want your products to stand out from the competition, you must create unique and compelling product narratives. Let our writers tell your product’s story in a way your target market will understand, and as a result watch your conversion rate go up.

Visually Appealing Image Curation and Video Production

Great content certainly starts with well written copy. But, by adding a few images, your message will have a greater impact. There are many options to spice up the written word and add meaning to your content through visual aids. From colorful photos showcasing your products to meaningful icons to highlight your services or even a well designed logo that conveys what you do at a glance. All of these visual content options can enrich your website as well as lead to a more fulfilling user experience. The image curation team and designers at Crack-Ajax offer you many choices to beautify your site so your users not only enjoy the visit, but receive your message.

Another visual component of websites that has grown in popularity in recent times is video. With video, you are able to create both an engaging and moving experience to grab the attention of your visitors. If your target market consists of the millennial generation, video is a must for getting and keeping their interests. Crack-Ajax will help you produce videos that will inform and entertain your audience giving you yet another compelling piece of content.

Stock Photos & Images Curation Puzzle Pieces

Image Curation: Stock Images and Photos

Compelling images and graphics on your website, online shop, or blog make your site more visually appealing and therefore more interesting . Our team of image curators will carefully select images to make your messaging more meaningful and attractive. We’ll choose photos, graphics and icons that align with the persona you want people to associate with your brand and license them for your use. Moreover, with our image curation service, we will place them in your site with proper keyword optimization to bolster your SEO.

Custom Logos, Icons & Imagery Curation Puzzle Pieces

Image Curation: Custom Logo, Icons and Imagery

If you are aiming to really stand out, then our graphic artists are here to assist. They will morph your vision into original graphics and icons that match with your styling so you have brand consistency. Our artist are also great at designing logos. They will provide multiple options and revise them based on your feedback so you end up with the perfect identity. Most importantly, they will make your website beautiful, appealing and 100% unique.

Content Curation Video Production Puzzle Pieces

Content Curation: VIDEO PRODUCTION

Our video production services are sure to entertain and inform your audience. We don’t just manipulate moving images. We work closely with our clients to ensure our work captures and communicates exactly what our clients’ desire. Whether your content is for social media, corporate training or communications, special events, performances or instructional videos, we shoot and produce video in a way that enhances your message from pre-production through editing and delivery.

SEO Optimization for Content and Beyond

Search engine optimization (SEO) certainly is an important part of any website. But, it encompasses many aspects of a site from HTML tags to well-formed content copy. In fact, there are a couple hundred ranking factors involved with optimizing content for the search engines. It is a lot to keep track of. So, rather than focus your attention on SEO, let Crack-Ajax deal to it while you work to improve your business.

Of course, our content team always ensures that SEO is a major consideration when writing original copy. They also take care of your images and other visual content to bolster your rank. In addition, our developers always make sure that all code is SEO friendly and will help you achieve results. No matter your need, on-page SEO is always factored into all of our services here at Crack-Ajax. We take the steps necessary to help increase the visibility of your website because your success is our success.

SEO Optimization on Existing Content Puzzle Pieces

SEO Optimization: Existing Content

While our content team always writes copy with SEO in mind, they will also optimize your existing content to help improve your rank. They ‘ll review your search term history and revise your copy to take advantage of missed opportunities. In addition, they’ll look at readability and make sure your content is easy to read and digest. The goal is to create great content that your users will want to consume as well as communicate to the search engines the intent of your message.

SEO Page Load Speed Puzzle Pieces

SEO Optimization: Page Load Speed

Another factor to having good SEO is your website page load speed, especially in mobile. Nobody has the patience to wait for your site to load. In fact, almost half of your visitors will leave if your page is not loaded within 30 seconds! Crack-Ajax will help you improve your page load times starting with fast server response times with our fully managed hosting plan . We’ll use compression, caching, and other tools or methods to get your pages loading fast so visitors stay to see what you have to offer.

SEO Security SSL Certificate Puzzle Pieces

SEO Optimization: Security

Neither search engines nor browsers want to take their users to an insecure website. We hear it in the news everyday how hackers are getting into websites and causing chaos. Adding a SSL certificate is a start at securing your website. This certificate validates your domain and encrypts all traffic between your site and your users. It is also a factor in SEO that without one you are not likely to have much traffic. Crack-Ajax includes an SSL for every domain in our fully managed hosting plan. Furthermore, we employ many security features on our servers and in our WordPress maintenance plans.

Crack-Ajax offers WordPress services for everything you need to build, manage and market your WordPress website. From design and development to hosting and maintenance we have you covered.