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WordPress is the most popular website content management system (CMS) on the web with more than a third of all websites using it.

With over a billion WordPress websites on the internet (that’s 9 zeros), there are numerous services out there to help you design and develop a WordPress theme. So why choose Crack-Ajax to be your website agency to help you with all of your WordPress needs?

While our team strives to ensure each and every technical detail is addressed, it is our service that stands out. We will make sure your website performs beyond your expectations, guaranteed. And, we mean anything and everything having to do with your WordPress website. Crack-Ajax is serious about Service and is there when you need us.

Serious Service is Our Best Attribute

Unlike many WordPress design and development services, Crack-Ajax focuses on you, the client. We are not the stereotypical computer nerds preferring to hangout in our parents basement writing code. We don’t avoid phone calls that may require unpleasant topics. At Crack-Ajax your call is always a top priority. We’ll deal to any issues you have right then and there so you are never left frsustrated. The sense of urgency when it comes to pleasing our clients is what sets us apart from our competition.

We Strive for Technical Excellence In All of Our WordPress Services

We at Crack-Ajax strive to be excellent in all the various technologies we employ. In a typical WordPress website there are at least half a dozen technologies that must be used to achieve the client’s desired outcomes. While we do not claim to know everything about all of these technologies, we are experts at using all of them to create well functioning, beautiful WordPress websites. If we encounter a problem we haven’t previously, then we’ll overcome the obstacle and find or create the solution. We have never failed to deliver on our promise that if you can imagine it, we can code it.

Crack-Ajax is Your One-Stop Shop for All WordPress Services

With our track record of excellent, unmatched customer service and our technical know-how and can-do attitude, we are the perfect choice for your WordPress project. From helping you discover the purpose of your web presence and designing a beautiful WordPress theme to providing a home for your website on the internet with our hosting service and maintaining it for optimum performance and security, Crack-Ajax offers everything you need to present your business to the wired world.

WordPress Custom theme Design & Development

Whatever your budget, Crack-Ajax has a solution to design and/or develop a unique WordPress custom theme to enhance your business’s online presence. Whether we create a beautiful design or take your own design and code it with pixel perfect accuracy, we’ll create the website you envision. Tight budget? No problem! Our team will work with your existing WordPress theme to strengthen and enhance your online presence.

WordPress Custom Plugin Development

Every business has unique methods and processes. Crack-Ajax will help your business codify the uniqueness of your systems and turn them into an online tool you can use to grow your business and gain a competitive advantage. With a custom WordPress plugin your rules and requirements can be incorporated directly into your website, saving you time and money while increasing your efficiency.

WordPress Hosting, Maintenance and Security Puzzle Pieces

WordPress Hosting, Maintenance & Security

Crack-Ajax offers everything you need for your WordPress website all in one place. You will need a reliable server that focuses on performance and security in which to host your site. In addition, you need to maintain your WordPress installation by keeping it updated, secure and always backed up for those unexpected events. Crack-Ajax will help you with all of the technical aspects of managing your website so you can focus on what you do best, your business.

WordPress Consulting and Digital Marketing Puzzle Pieces

WordPress Consulting & Digital Marketing

At Crack-Ajax, we take pride in empowering you and your staff to manage your WordPress website to the fullest. We’re here to help you navigate the world of WordPress. Whether you have a couple of plugin related questions or desire a digital marketing campaign to support your new site, Crack-Ajax has you covered. There are no WordPress questions too big or too small for us to answer.

WordPress Content, Media and SEO Services Puzzle Pieces

WordPress Content Creation & SEO

You’re the expert at your business and we advocate that you learn to manage your content. Sometimes, however, you simply don’t have the time or energy to curate content. Crack-Ajax can help whether it is massaging your written text to optimize it for search engines or writing original blog posts on your business categories. We can also source visual media to improve the appearance of your site and help convey your message.

Teach WordPress Classes & Training Puzzle Pieces

WordPress, SEO Classes & training

At Crack-Ajax we love sharing our knowledge with our clients because we really do want them to be in control of their WordPress website. We offer classes on the basics of WordPress, SEO and coding to get you started. If you need more advanced training, we provide that too. We are happy to come to your office, schedule time at ours or even do one-on-one sessions. If you need WordPress related training we’re here to help.

Are you ready to get started with your WordPress project, or need some consulting or training on your WordPress website? By all means, contact us and we will help you in any way you need regarding your WordPress site. Whatever it takes, we will get you to where you want to be. While you are here see what our clients want you to know about our services and service.