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The most common question we hear is, “How much does it cost to develop a website?” Because every website is unique with an infinite possibility of requirement, it is next to impossible to to answer this question without first gathering the parameters of the project. The first step in the process is to schedule a consultation, whether over the phone or in person, to flesh out the specifications regarding both the functionality and a design framework.

Following the consultation, Crack-Ajax will formally write up an estimated price range for the requirements as well as any optional tasks the client may want. Because we develop WordPress websites in a modular fashion, we quote individual tasks by breaking down the whole into more easily digested pieces. The formal estimate will be emailed to the client for perusal and feedback.

If the client is unable to proceed with everything now, they have the option to choose which pieces they want now and which pieces they will want to add in the future. The great thing about WordPress is that we can continually add new functionality and/or templates as we progress forward.

Although it is difficult at best to answer the proverbial question, we do not have anything to hide and will always be up front with pricing. We strongly aim to hit the estimated budget within +/- 10% and will always give you progress reports throughout the process, including a head’s up when the budget is closing in. We are not fond of surprises and think that you are not as well, so we strive to keep you in the know the budget status.

Our Published Rate for WordPress Design and Development

We at Crack-Ajax know we are not the cheapest game in town when it comes to developing a WordPress site. We also know we are by far not the most expensive either. Crack-Ajax charges middle of the road rates for top rate service and quality of craftsmanship, truly the best value you will find in this business.

ServiceHourly RateNon-Profit Rate
WordPress Theme Design$180$140
WordPress Theme Development$180$140
WordPress Plugin Development$180$140
Bug Fixes and Testing$180$140
Project Management$180$140

Pricing for Hosting, Maintenance and Security

Crack-Ajax provides fully managed, WordPress optimized hosting that includes everything you need. We also offer comprehensive maintenance and security for your WordPress price ensuring it is always up-to-date and secure. You have the option to pay monthly, quarterly or annually, whatever meets your needs.

Managed WordPress Hosting$45$135$540
WordPress Maintenance & Security (includes hosting)$199$597$2,388

*Note: Hosting account setup and configuration requires a one-time fee of $199.

Our Pricing on Additional Services

We have several additional service we offer based on hourly rates. We also offer recurring monthly services such as blogging, social media posting and reputation management. The recurring service rates will be quoted based on the individual client’s needs. Simply contact us and let us know what you need and we will get you an estimate right away.

ServiceHourly RateNon-Profit Rate
Content Writing or Curation$90$70
Blog Writing and Research$90$70
SEO Optimization$180$140
Digital Marketing Content Writing$90$70
Digital Marketing Email Templates$180$140

Last Updated: September 18, 2021