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Teach – Website Development Training

Don’t be intimidated, be determined to learn.

Website Development Training - WordPress Template Using HTML5

A WordPress theme template using HTML5

Website Development Training

Knowing the basics of HTML5 and CSS3 is becoming a must-have skill in the modern business environment, especially for those in marketing and public relations. These are skills that everybody in business should at least understand the basics in order to communicate the company goals and objectives to its audience. Crack-Ajax can help you learn the basics of HTML5 and CSS3 with Website Development Training courses taught by a pro using plain language and peppered with practical advice learned from the field, including tips on website marketing, form management and search engine optimization (SEO).

Website development training is perfect for:

  • Marketing employees tasked with online advertising and promotion
  • Non-profit workers and volunteers helping with the website
  • Entrepreneurs looking to start a new company with an online presence
  • People looking for a career change in the web technologies field

WordPress Development and Content Management Training

WordPress is the world’s leading website platform for establishing a web presence. WordPress makes it easy to setup your own website and manage it’s content without much hassle. Crack-Ajax will go over the details of installing your WordPress instance from purchasing a domain name to finding a suitable host for your website. In addition, Crack-Ajax will walk you through the WordPress dashboard step-by-step and show you how to add, edit and manage your site’s content as well as choose and install themes and plugins to extend the functionality of your site to meet your specific objectives. With WordPress you can build a high-end website for pennies on the dollar.

Front-End Development Basics

Front-End Development and WordPress Theme Development are two career fields that are in high demand.  A good developer can make upwards of $90K annually! And you don’t have to possess a college degree to take advantage of this lucrative career choice.

Sound like a career path you would like to embark upon? Crack-Ajax can help you take the first step on your exciting journey of creating fun and inspiring websites either for your employer or your clients with its full range of website development training classes. Don’t be intimidated, be determined to learn. You are likely to surprise yourself at just how quickly you will learn to structure and style any website.

SEO Fundamentals

  • Improve Your Rank: SEO Success Factors

    This course will provide you with a broad overview of the fundamentals and concepts of SEO as well as some concrete steps you can take to improve the rank of your site.

    • Basic fundamentals and concepts of SEO
    • Research keywords that will make a difference
    • How to optimize your content with keywords
    • Start a link building campaign
    • Discover tools to help you manage SEO
    • Track your results for incremental improvements

    $174(1 Day)

    $159 CFU Member Price

    With the tools and tips you will receive in this class you will be able to improve your rank and attract more organic visitors to your website a while improving conversions and your bottom line.

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Front-end Development Series

  • It All Starts with HTML5/CSS3

    The first step in creating your website is learning the in and outs of both HTML5 and CSS3. In just two days you will have built your first site and be well on your way to becoming a Front-End Developer.

    What You Will Learn:

    • Proper syntax for HTML5 elements and attributes
    • How to structure your document and content
    • The use of the most frequently used HTML5 tags
    • CSS3 syntax for setting properties and values
    • How to layout sections for a dynamic web page
    • To style your page with color, backgrounds and fonts

    $319(2 Days)

    $299 CFU Member Price

    You will walk away with a properly structured, fully styled and functional web page you can continue to use for further learning and practice.

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WordPress Management and Development Series

  • WordPress for Developers: Custom Themes

    You have your Front-end Development skills under control, but you quickly realize you need a Back-end to serve it up properly. In this class you will put all your Front-end experience to work creating a WordPress theme tapping into a powerful Back-end framework.

    What You Will Learn:

    • Separate a HTML document into common template pieces
    • Access the site content from the dashboard and display it
    • Create many of the common WordPress template files
    • How the Loop works and how to customize it
    • Find and customize generic WordPress code from the Codex
    • Add Menu locations, define widgets and other useful site enhancements

    $299(2 Days)

    $284 CFU Member Price

    If you have taken the Front-end Development classes along with this class, you now posses the know-how to produce quality websites and launch a career. Keep at it! Continue to learn everything you can and practice, practice, practice.

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  • Getting Started with WordPress: Content Management

    Starting a blog or website and heard WordPress will make your life easier? Your employer has tasked you with managing the company WordPress site? Is so, this class is right up your alley. Take the mystery out of the dashboard as we go through each and every feature WordPress has to offer in helping you manage your site content.

    What You Will Learn:

    • The difference between Posts and Pages
    • To create and organize your Posts using Categories and Tags
    • Upload and manage your Media files
    • Manage and mediate your user's Comments
    • Add Pages and use them to define your navigation Menus
    • How to use Widgets to add useful information to your site
    • Find, install and customize WordPress Themes

    $174(1 Day)

    $159 CFU Member Price

    You will be working on an individual WordPress site created especially for you to use during class. When you return to the office you will be able to manage your WordPress like a pro.

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  • Moving Ahead with WordPress: Under the Hood

    Now that you know how to manage your content, it is time to focus on optimizing your site. Or, perhaps you would like to add functionality to your site such as contact forms or your Twitter feed. In this class you will discover how to do all of these things and more. So let's take a peek under the hood.

    What You Will Learn:

    • How WordPress works and it's file structure
    • Where and how to change your basic settings
    • Management and mediation of visitor comments
    • Add/delete/update user accounts and assign permissions
    • Search, find, research and install plugins
    • How to use some popular plugins once you have them actived

    $174(1 Day)

    $159 CFU Member Price

    Upon completion of this class, you will have been exposed to every setting in a base install of WordPress. Now start creating that content!

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Training Opportunities Outside the Classroom

  • In Office Employee Training

    Do you have a marketing group that needs to do a better job managing your online digital assets in order to achieve a competitive advantage? Or, maybe you want to bring your website in-house and need to provide content management and site maintenance training? Look no further, Crack-Ajax will come to your office and train your staff in the art of Front-end Development and WordPress Management.

    Crack-Ajax Training:

    • Pick and choose the technologies you want your staff to learn
    • Provide a refresher on the latest in HTML5 and CSS3
    • Week rate available for Front-end Development training
    • Train your staff on WordPress Content Management
    • Instruct up to 10 associates per class in your office
    • Always available for follow up questions and support


    $600 for a Half Day

    How exciting! Now that your staff is better versed in the languages of the Internet, your site will be the envy of your competitors, and you will have enriched your employees in terms of professional and personal growth. So go ahead and contact Crack-Ajax to initiate your office training without delay.

  • One-on-One Training Sessions

    You have been creating some cool website designs with the Front-end Development technologies you have learned, but you have come up against a problem you simply can't figure out how to solve? Or, maybe you want to try something new like the other cool sites you have seen, but are not sure where to begin? Contact Crack-Ajax to get the answers you seek with One-on-One instruction.

    Crack-Ajax Training:

    • Schedule as much time as you need in half-hour increments
    • Meet at a place convenient to you: home, office or coffee shop
    • Solve any problems you have with HTML, CSS or JavaScript
    • Answer any questions concerning WordPress or PHP
    • Get that tidbit of advice you need to move your project forward
    • Learn any suported technology with focused private lessons


    $75 Minimum Charge

    Whether you need to answer a single question or learn a new technology Crack-Ajax can get you moving in the right direction. You are encouraged to search the web for your answer first, but sometimes finding the answer to your specific problem can be daunting. When you hit the wall and can't seem to overcome your obstacle, contact Crack-Ajax and get the answers you need.