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*This project no longer exists on it's original domain, but you can still view it on the Crack-Ajax development server.

Olympus EM5 Promotion Website Desktop
Olympus EM5 Promotion Website Tablet Portrait
Olympus EM5 Promotion Website Tablet Landscape
Olympus EM5 Promotion Website Mobile
Olympus EM5 Promotion Website Mobile Menu
Originally Launched In September 2016

A major East Coast advertising firm contracted Crack-Ajax to build a promotional site for Olympus Camera. They supplied the PSD art files and Crack-Ajax went to work to bring this ultra-modern design to life. The site features complex forms and on-the-fly PDF menu printing for promotional submissions by it’s customers. (This promotional site is no longer live – link is to site recreation for display purposes).

Website Features and Functionality

  • Custom WordPress Theme Design
  • Well Structured Code for SEO Optimization
  • Responsive, Mobile Friendly Design
  • Ajax Page Navigation
  • Complex jQuery Form Validations
  • Background Video on the Front Page
  • On-the-Fly PDF Form Printing with User Input
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Technologies Used

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