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*This project no longer exists on it's original domain, but you can still view it on the Crack-Ajax development server.

Sidney & Stephens Website Desktop
Sidney & Stephens Website Tablet Portrait
Sidney & Stephens Website Tablet Landscape
Sidney & Stephens Website Mobile
Originally Launched In October 2015

Sidney & Stephens,  a returning client,  approached Crack-Ajax to perform a refresh of an existing site so it would have a modern skin and meet Google’s mobile friendly test.  In addition, Sidney & Stephens required a contact form and a testimonial page that could be managed in the Content Management System.

Website Features and Functionality

  • Custom WordPress Theme Design
  • Well Structured Code for SEO Optimization
  • Responsive, Mobile Friendly Design
  • Simple Contact Form in Sidebar
  • Testimonial Management Display Pages
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Technologies Used

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