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Originally Launched In September 2019

Custom Theme Design

MCS Landscape Supply had a website that dated back to the mid 2000s that was disorganized and difficult to navigate. After taking our WordPress classes, our contact approached us to help her design a new custom WordPress theme to beautify their website and make it easier for their users to find the products they wanted. So, our designer got to work and designed a color-coded theme with an expanded homepage menu.

Homepage Navigation

This unique theme aimed to be visually pleasing with the generous use of product photos. As a result, users can clearly and quickly see the infinite possibilities that MCS products offer. In addition, each product line or site section has its own color that subtly signals to users their location.

The homepage itself is a navigation tool. Each section has a box with supporting images, a submenu, and a description detailing what to expect. Consequently, users can easily identify the areas of the website they find interesting.

The Outdoor Living section highlights products for backyard patios, fire pits, water features and outdoor kitchens.

Color Coding

The color coding continues into all subpages of each section so users always know where they are in the site. We were able to carry the colors into the category and product pages by overriding the Woocommerce default styles. In a sense, the colors serve as a visual breadcrumb trail, so visitors can get around easily.

Finally, the main menu corresponds to the various sections in terms of colors. Just like the homepage sections, each menu item represents a section and maintains its color code. Moreover, a drop down menu for each item includes a photo to hint at its content.

MCS Landscape Supply Homepage Screenshot
Main menu with corresponding, color coded drop down menu and representative image.

Custom Theme Development

MCS Landscape Supply Product Page Screenshot

Outside of the basic WordPress theme development structure, we had a few challenges to solve. Firstly, we needed to address the color coding scheme. Secondly, some Woocommerce customizations were made. Finally, we built a materials calculator to help determine product quantities for various products.

Color Coding

The color coding is driven by the main navigation menu. The MCS admin can easily set or change colors for each section from the main menu. Based on the parent menu item, all subpages or subcategories can access the section color so it is consistently applied.

Woocommerce Customizations

Most of the Woocommerce development work dealt with styling overrides such as the product tab section (image left). Some functional issues were also made using the native hooks and filters system. The primary challenge was dealing with the color scheme system and attaching them to categories and their products.

Materials Calculator

Crack-Ajax built a custom JavaScript calculator to help both users and staff determine quantities of bulk materials. Different materials sell using various units whether by the ton or cu. ft. So, we had to use several variables and coefficients to calculate the proper amounts for a customer’s project area.

MCS Landscape Supply Materials Calculator
A custom materials calculator to figure quantities for various products using the customer’s project shape and area.

WordPress Managed Hosting

MCS Landscape Supply had their old, hard to navigate site hosted at one of the internet’s oldest companies. But, they found it difficult to access their site as well as actually reach a real person to help them out. So, once their new colorful theme was complete, they asked Crack-Ajax to host the site for them.

While we are always available to our clients any time they need us, our hosting support is not often used. In large part, this is because we are proactive and keep the server updated and secure so there is rarely a problem. And, MCS needed a SSL certificate for their new online store, which is always included in every managed hosting account.

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