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Originally Launched In July 2019

Custom Theme Development

Tiffany Andersen Brands Website Desktop

Single Theme – Multiple Brands

Tiffany Andersen Brands wanted their various brands to be under one roof so customers could buy products across their brands in a single cart. Crack-Ajax built a theme with the ability to create unlimited sub-themes with differing logos, color schemes, menus and more. Learn more about our custom WordPress development services.

Gavee Gold

Gavee Gold Website Destop

Salts Alive

Salts Alive Website Desktop

Custom Gutenberg Blocks

Custom Gutenberg Blurb Block Display

Tiffany Andersen Blocks

To keep design elements consistent and easy to use throughout the site, Crack-Ajax created custom Gutenberg blocks. Reusable blocks were utilized, some with custom options like color, for content reused on multiple pages such as the Golden Rules and Blog footer.

Blurb Content Block

A custom content block with many options including full-width background or static feature images, overlay images with animation and the choice of orientation.

Gavee Gold Custom Gutenberg Block Created for Tiffany Andersen Brands

Gavee Gold Blurb Settings

Gavee Gold Custom Gutenberg Block Settings

Golden Rules Block Settings

Golden Rules Custom Gutenberg Block Settings

Golden Rules Content Block

The Golden Rules for Tiffany Andersen Brands are universal across brands. Not only did they need to build a block with an optimal layout for their design, they also needed flexibility for color variations based on brand as well as a reusable block to place them in various pages across the site.

Golden Rules Custom Gutenberg Block Display

Custom VIP Program & Wholesaler Plugin

VIP Program WordPress Custom Plugin Settings

VIP Program Admin Settings Pages

Tiffany Andersen needed a robust VIP Program to track member points earned from various transactions as well as to configure and automatically generate monthly orders for each participant. The plugin allows for an unlimited number of VIP Programs to accommodate the various brands at Tiffany Andersen.

For the monthly automated shipments a configuration screen to choose which products to go out each month was necessary. And, because it is a buy-in program, admins need to set a product to be the VIP Program initiator. Crack-Ajax met all these objectives with a custom WordPress plugin.

VIP Program Monthly Order Product Selection Screen
Admins can select the products for each monthly VIP Program automated shipment up to 6 months in advance.
VIP Program Product Trigger Setting
In the Woocommerce product screen settings, admins can select which product will trigger a VIP Program membership when purchased.
VIP Program Member Point Redemption

VIP Program User Display

Tiffany Andersen needed a way for VIP Program members to cash in their points for discounts at checkout. The plugin adds a a redemption box on the Woocommerce cart page where members can easily convert their earned rewards into instant savings.

An additional requirement of the VIP Program custom plugin was to provide a user specific rewards status screen. Crack-Ajax added the VIP Program statistics to a Woocommerce account page for easy access. Users can check their current points in addition to historical activity and savings.

VIP Program Member Rewards Display
VIP Members can view their rewards status and see the savings they have earned over time.
The user profile in the WordPress dashboard maintains the VIP member stats for admin viewing and management.

VIP Wholesaler Program Settings Screens

In addition to creating the VIP Program for consumer members, a wholesaler program was part of this plugin. Admins can place user’s into an unlimited number of wholesale programs. Each VIP Wholesale Program created will allow the admin to set a blanket percentage price change as well as a shipping price for bulk buying customers. Individual products can be set with a price override in the Woocommerce settings as well if it doesn’t receive the blanket policy pricing.

VIP Wholesale Program Settings Screen
Admins can create and configure VIP Wholesale Programs.
VIP Wholesale Program Product Price Overrides
Admins can override the blanket policy for VIP Wholesalers in the Woocommerce products settings box.

WordPress Hosting & Maintenance

The folks at Tiffany Andersen had their various sites hosted with a large, well known company. However, they had endless issues with security certificates (SSL) and getting access to their backend for simple updates. Upon successful launch of their new custom WordPress theme, they decided to host this site (a combination of three of their existing sites) as well as three additional standalone sites, Finding Faith, Whole Hope Foundation, and Renew Medical Spa.

Now the staff at Tiffany Andersen never needs to get into the hosting account (although they have complete access to do so) to make changes or deal with expired SSL certificates. Crack-Ajax takes care of all the server needs keeping it up-to-date and secure with out fully managed WordPress hosting. And, we include SSL certificates and keep them updated as part of the package.

As a thank you for entrusting Crack-Ajax to develop their custom theme and build their custom plugin, we rewarded them with a full year of our comprehensive WordPress maintenance and security package. Now the team at Tiffany Andersen can focus on marketing and providing an excellent online experience to their customers while Crack-Ajax takes care of the technical stuff.

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